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Intro Set

30-day money-back guaranteeFree shipping

What's included

  • COMIS' nano mist device
  • USB-C charger
  • 4 True Tan capsules
  • Terry headband

COMIS' nano mist device produces an ultra-fine spray making the self tan application easy and even. Our prefilled capsules eliminate mess, keeps the ingredients fresh and are ideal for travel. Our hydrating formula develops gradually with a natural result lasting for up to 5 days. Thanks to Ordenone™ technology the notorious self tan odour is reduced.

One formula – endless possibilities

Want a subtle glow or deep tan? It's up to you. With COMIS' gradual self tan you can control the result simply by how much you apply. Spray for 10-50 seconds, the longer you spray the deeper the result.

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Our True Tan formula is suitable for all complexions. See before & afters from our customers.

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Key benefits

Natural resultNo orange guarantee
Transparent liquidNo stains
Prefilled capsulesMess-free application
Nano mist sprayEven application
Ordenone™ TechnologyReduced DHA smell
Hydrating propertiesNo drying out

How to use

1. Before use

Cleanse your face and dry your skin prior to application.

2. Spray

Insert the capsule and close the lid. Press down the spray button to mist and keep a distance of approx 30 cm from your face. Spray your face and neck for 10-50 seconds, the longer you spray the stronger the result.

3. After use

Remove the capsule and save the rest for next use or recycle your empty capsule. Wash your hands and finish with moisturising. Your tan will develop gradually and will reach its peak 24 hours after application.


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